Our Kidney Centre provides advanced haemodialysis treatment for both End Stage Kidney Failure as well as Acute Renal Failure patients. We have now 10 State of Art Haemodialysis machines with dedicated machines for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C positive patients.


We do all the modern and most advances forms of dialysis treatments like High Flux Dialysis, Continuous Venoevenous Haemodialysis (CAVHD), Slow Continuous Ultrafiltration Dialysis, Haemoperfusion for Poisoning and Plasmapheresis. This is also the first centre in Erode to provide Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD).


Our dialysis centre is open on all days including Sundays and Holidays and works 24 hrs a day for any Renal emergencies.



  • Started as a Dialysis unit in 1996 with 2 Dialysis Machines


  • At present 10 Dialysis Machines in this unit


  • Around 40 Dialyses are performed per day


  • More than 1,00,000 Dialyses in 12 Years


  • Performed about 100 Peritoneal Dialyses in this 12 Years period


  • 30 Renal Transplants have been carried out


  • Free Dialysis are carried out for the unaffordable


  • First Centre to have started Dialysis in this part of the State


  • First to start CAPD unit


  • First to start Plasmapheresis unit


  • First to start Charcoal Dialysis


  • First to start Renal Transplantation
The Centre has over the period of its existence
Break Throughs
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